* Fabulous Shared Apartments in New York City

My book titled “Fabulous Shared Apartments in New York City” was published by Tatsumi Publishing Co., Ltd.  It covers 22 shared apartments, mainly in Brooklyn and Manhattan, introducing creative interior design and exciting life style in NYC!It is sold throughout Japan via bookstores and online worldwide.
ISBN: 978-4-7778-1369-8 C2077

*Best Flower Arrangement MagazineI am responsible for researching, planning, coordinating photographers, interviewing, translating, and writing articles for this beautiful 4-color magazine, quarterly published and distributed throughout Japan. This magazine covers everything about flowers including trends in flower industry, floral designs, and florists worldwide. I am in charge of writing the feature articles covering mainly the New York area (occasionally LA, Washington DC, etc) , in a creative, poetic, and  professional styles.
* Skyward Magazine (Japan Airline’s In-flight Magazine)Skyward” is the in-flight magazine for Japan Airline, the biggest airline firm in Japan. I regularly write columns introducing the latest trends, news, events, shops, tours, museums, and more about New York and beyond. The magazine is inserted into each seat of both domestic and international flights, reaching 5 million people every month.
*Suumo Toshin-ni-sumu Magazine (Urban Living)This is the home and lifestyle magazine for people who live in metropolitan cities such as Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, and Hong Kong, published by Recruit, Inc., a well known established company in Japan. In their feature article focusing on wellness and health, I wrote on the latest trend in wellness and health in New York City including unique fitness programs, holistic nutrition program, etc.  I also coordinated their photo shoot/interview of high-end multi-million dollars luxury condos  in NYC based on extensive research and planning.
* Akasugu MagazineThe magazine offers full of useful advices and information for parents with young babies. The magazine covers baby care, clothes, toys, accessories, strollers, education, nursery decorations, and more. I was responsible for completing articles on NY feature pages, which include the latest baby news in NYC and urban lifestyle of NYC moms. I also coordinated mom & baby snap shots for the magazine periodically.
* Travel Concierge Magazine The magazine proposes a revolution from “sightseeing traveling” to “quality traveling”. It contains different travel styles with quality. I wrote articles about NYC based on four-star hotels in NYC based on personal interviews. I also wrote about spas, Broadway shows, restaurants, and culture in NYC. I was also responsible for completing its Las Vegas issue including restaurants, shows, spas, and entertainment.
* Be Premium MagazineThis quarterly published magazine is full of content for people who are seeking luxury and a high-quality life style. It covers a wide range of topics including beauty, fashion, culture, entertainment, travel, food, and more. I regularly contribute articles featuring NYC introducing high-end spas, services, and products, working with a professional photographer and editor.
* Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club YearbookThis yearbook is published annually, celebrating the history and heritage of Rolls-Royce & Bentley cars. As well as up to 22,000 copies of the book being made available to leading companies around the world including those featured, the book will go out to all 10,000 members of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club (RREC) globally.I wrote an article about the high-end Japanese jewelry designer in English, based on thorough interview and creative viewpoints.
* Daily Sun New York NewspaperI was writing regular bi-weekly columns for this daily newspaper issued in New York City.
* Ninsugu MagazineThis magazine contains various information useful for pregnant ladies. I researched, interviewed, wrote popular services and unique products for pregnant women in the U.S.



* Creabeaux MagazineThis trade magazine contains the latest news and professional scientific information in the fields of beauty and esthetics, published quarterly and sold in Japan. A wide range of topics are covered such as skincare, cosmetics, make-up, and hair & nail care. I have been contributing articles for every issue over the past 10 years by conducting research, interviewing industry experts, and translating and crafting the article to appeal to the Japanese audience.

* Request QJ MagazineRequest QJ is a long-running popular monthly magazine for hair stylists and beauty experts in Japan. For the feature article covering the latest information from the U.S. and Europe, I wrote articles covering the latest news on beauty, cosmetics, skincare, and spas, including organic skincare lines, charity cosmetics, the latest spa trends, etc.  I also wrote the report on HBA expo and introduced the hottest new products from the expo.
* Body Plus MagazineBody Plus Magazine is a monthly fitness and wellness magazine providing various useful information for the health conscious readers. Its concept is to enhance beauty through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I write monthly column titled, “A beauty mail from New York!”, introducing the latest news and trends in the fields of fitness, beauty, wellness, and health. I also coordinated a special feature article, “New York Fitness and Wellness”.  My work included arranging professionals (photographer, model, makeup artist, etc), setting up photo shoots (in Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park , etc.), negotiating and implementing photo shoots and interviews with premium fitness clubs (Equinox, David Barton Gym, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, etc.) and organic shops.
* Therapist Magazine This bi-monthly magazine covers a wide range of topics of therapy, spirituality, massage, aromatherapy, skincare therapy, and more, useful to therapists, sold in Japan through book stores. I writer various articles on these topics based on interview and research, mainly from New York City.
  * Therapist Beauty MagazineThis is the sister magazine of Therapist magazine, focused more on beauty and skincare. I write various articles such as trendy and holistic spas in New York City and the latest industry news, and the latest products, etc.
* Aromatopia MagazineThis magazine provides diverse information related to aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and alternative medicine as well as the latest information on beauty and health. I wrote articles such as volunteer projects using aromatherapy and massages in the U.S., and a report on an aromatherapy trade show, ExTracts, based on interviews and research.
* CREA MagazineI was in charge of the feature article, titled “Diet Times in New York,” covering the latest diet and beauty news from NYC. I covered various topics including unique fitness, hot wellness topics, popular beauty products and weight loss programs.
  * New York Seikatsu NewspaperI write monthly spa/beauty column for this local newspaper distributed into the Japanese community in NY, NJ, CT, Long Island and more. I introduce the latest spa/beauty trend and fitness/wellness movement in NYC.
* Spa and Treatment MagazineThis is the trade magazine for the spa industry, targeting people involved in the spa and wellness business. It covers a wide range of spa information from around the world. I am in charge of writing regular columns introducing the newest and trendy spas in NY and other areas in the U.S.
* Therapist People MagazineThis magazine focused on the people who work in the spa, wellness, and beauty industries. I wrote article based on my personal experience of receiving a signature facial from the upscale spa in New York City.
* Japion NewspaperI wrote a series of spa articles titled “spas around the world”. I covered more than 10 trendy spas in NYC where their themes are based on specific countries, such as Thailand, Italy, China, Hungary, Turkey, Korea, etc.
* Therapist Spa MagazineI wrote about trendy and unique spas in NYC including Ayurvedic spas for this magazine, specializing in therapeutic spas from around the world.
* Metro NaviI write regular column on the topic of beauty, healthy, and wellness for metronavi.com,  NYC portal site providing various information of NYC including food, shopping, leisure, travel, real estate, business and more.
  * J Wave Radio StationI was interviewed by this Japan’s prestigious radio station as a wellness expert in the U.S.  I talked about the latest wellness and fitness trend in N.Y. It was aired throughout Japan!

* Ebalance Diet (www.ebalancediet.com)

The site has a lots of information regarding health, wellness, beauty, diet, cooking, skincare, exercising, and more. I write regular columns from NYC, introducing the latest news in the fields of beauty, health, fitness, and wellness. Thus, health and beauty conscious, Japanese readers can keep up with “what’s new in NYC!”




* SOUP MagazineTargeted for fashion-conscious young Japanese women, this monthly magazine contains a variety of information on trends in fashion, beauty, shopping, health, and more. I am regularly writing for the magazine in various topics, including NY fashion week report, the latest street fashion, popular blogger and designers’ lifestyle, latest boutiques, and more. My work includes planning, coordinating photo shoots, interviewing, translation, writing, and editing.
* FIGUE MagazineThis newly published fashion magazine, targeting around 30s fashionable women, proposes a unique urban look that mixes street fashion and high-end styling. I am in charge of completing regular NY feature articles and my work includes research, photo shoot coordinate, interview, and writing.  NY fashion week, latest trend news in fashion, beauty, and cultural, NY fashion blogger styling are some of the topics I cover.
* LIPS MagazinePublished by Magazine house, and one of the leading publishing firms in Tokyo, this new magazine covers the latest fashion and styling for mature, yet fashionable young-looking women. I  wrote NY fashion snap pages based on the coverage of NY fashion week.
* JILLE MagazineThe magazine covers everything about fashion and its main readers are fashionable, stylish 20s girls. It contains a wide range of topics such as latest fashion boutiques, brands, and styling. I am in charge of conveying the latest news about NY fashion and its style.
* SOUP Cruise MagazineThis is a sister magazine of SOUP magazine, published bi-monthly targeting fashionable and stylish women in their 30s. The magazine covers the latest fashion in Japan and around the world. I coordinated photography & interviews with popular designers and write about the latest fashion news from New York.
* FUDGE MagazineIt’s a modern and stylish monthly magazine introducing the latest cutting-edge fashion and culture from around the world. I was the coordinator and interpreter for the issue featuring “World Snap”, which includes the articles of trendy artists, designers, and products in the Big Apple.
  * Mens FUDGE MagazineIt is the men’s version of FUDGE magazine, covering the latest fashion, art, and culture around the world. I coordinated shooting and coverage of trendy select shops in NYC .



* Career Magazine

I wrote a feature article based on interviewing a professional in NYC on behalf of DISCO International, Inc. The focus of the article was his job-hunting and business experience, aiming to provide job seekers with encouragement and intelligent advice. The magazine was distributed to all participants of the Boston Career Forum.

* Corporate Communication Journal

I wrote many articles for this trade magazine in the fields of public relations and advertising, published and sold in Japan. My work includes researching, interviewing executives in the industries, and writing articles with topics such as Crisis Management, PR Magazine, Investor Relations, Customer Satisfaction, and more.

* Hotel Concierge MagazineThis magazine is specialized in proposing exciting hotel lives from the world. It contains a variety of information regarding hotels, packages, events, restaurants, and more. I wrote a column introducing the newest hotel in New York City.
* Akogareno-Jutakuo-Tateru (Building Ideal Residential Buildings)I wrote an article about the Texas-style lifestyle covering a residential house in Austin, Texas. I coordinated a photo shoot and wrote about the lifestyle and vision of the resident from different perspectives.
* MobaharaI wrote about the trendy spots in NYC including restaurants, art galleries, cafes, and shops for this mobile site, which delivers the latest information directly to the cell phones of subscribers.  I also wrote stories about young professional Japanese people who live in NYC to introduce their lifestyle, expertise, and stories of living in NYC.
* Business Chance MagazineI wrote a success story of a young millionaire entrepreneur in NYC based on the research, planning, and an interview. I introduced his business tips of building success in the industry.

* Jinbutsu Oraiki

This is a very unique Japanese magazine: A collection of autobiographies. It introduces the lives, passions, and beliefs of different people. As a ghostwriter, I wrote articles based on research and personal interviews.

* Directory of Japanese Affiliated Companies

This is a directory of Japanese companies in the U.S., published annually and sold both in the U.S. and Japan.
As editor-in-chief , I completed the entire content by managing staff, compiling and editing the information of over 1,500 companies. I also wrote the opening article regarding business trends and was involved in promotional activity.


* Come To America

This informational Japanese magazine contains a wide array of business and useful daily life information, published in New York and sold in both countries.
I wrote business articles such as management skills and tips for success, based on interviews from top executives of Japanese companies.

* New York Benri-cho MagazineThis magazine targets Japanese people who are interested in living in NYC.  It covers the topics of restaurants, shops, education, housing, professional services, and more. I wrote many informational articles about living in NYC.

* Mini Apple Guide

I was involved in market planning and research, editing, advertising and sales promotion for this mini directory about the big apple.

  * Business Te-choThis is a portable and useful Japanese business book including a directory of Japanese firms in the U.S. I coordinated the publication of this book, writing content, selling advertising, and overseeing design staff.
* New York Times – Letter to EditorA letter expressing my opinions and observations of an article which appeared in the New York Times, titled “For Nicaraguan Victims, Not Even a Grave” was published in the “Editorials/Letters” section of the New York Times.
* Iseeny.comThis is the NY portal site providing a wide range of useful information on New York including restaurants, tourism, hot news, events, entertainment, hotels, museums, and more. I write regular columns titled “NY Success Story,” which introduces unique values and lifestyles of successful Japanese people living in the NY area. The people I interviewed include renowned conductors, musicians, entertainers, business owners, dancers, designers, journalists, and more. I also write another regular column titled, “NYC School Guide,” which introduces different schools in New York.
My writing contribution was also seen at the following:- Spaz.com
- Nifty Beauty
- E-thera.com
- Near Local Travel
- Namikiteru.com
- Proxj.com



*Polo Ralph LaurenI am currently a creative editor for Polo Ralph Lauren’s Japanese website, which launched in 2012. I regularly review and creatively edit their website content based on the communications of Ralph Lauren’s digital creative team in NYC.My role includes, but is not limited to, creatively editing landing pages, style guides, product descriptions, the Ralph Lauren magazine, special campaigns and events, the fashion week collection, e-mail, and e-commerce pages.
* NikeI was a creative editor/reviewer of Nike’s Japanese website, which launched in 2012.I worked with a team of Nike website developers to edit the content of their website using specific content management tools.
*Gibson RockI was in charge of translating the Japanese website of Gibson Rock, introducing an innovative tool called Min-ETune. I also helped to identify the appropriate Japanese copy writing for title buttons of the site.







* Toyota Motor Sales USA., Inc.I regularly translate a variety of content for “Lexus Magazine,” such as articles about travel, the latest Lexus cars, product information, etc.
* Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry CompanyThe company is the developer of the Leadership Architect (R) Suite, a competency-based leadership development resources used by executives, managers, and HR professional alike to transform their organizations into best practice centers of leadership. I translated and proofread of 1400 page of their business book, “Career Architect Development Planner” as well as “VOICES online survey and report”.    I also translated their online development tool such as Viaedge and eChoice systems.
*Agile Leader (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)The book introduces the concept of Learning Agility through a series of engaging portraits of well-known leaders in business, politics, science and the arts. I translated the entire content from English to Japanese.
*The Interview Architect Express Fast Flip Book (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)I partially translated the content from English to Japanese and proofread the entire book.  The book is designed to assist employers with the interview process.
*The Leadership Architects Technical Manual (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)I translated the entire content of this book, designed primarily as a technical reference to help deepen the understanding of the research background behind the Leadership Architect, which is a research-based and experience-tested personal development planning and assessment tool.
* Boffin Chinatranslated a book about Human Resources in China, published by CCH Asia Pte Limited on behalf of Boffin China Inc. based in Shenzhen. This book is a collection of articles regarding HR and employment in the Chinese market, written by selected HR professionals in China and Hong Kong. Translation was done from English to Japanese.
* Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun
* Information Telecommunications Journal

* New Media Magazine



* Nikon Instruments Inc.I worked as their exclusive translator for about two years) and translated  various documents on dairy basis, including press releases, newsletters, emails, research papers, repair reports, presentation documents, speech, manuals, quality analysis reports, minutes, marketing analysis reports, business letters, software specifications, etc)
- Teikoku Databank America, Inc. (database company)
- Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.
- NY Foundation for the Arts (NYFA – NPO)
- Brain Lab (medical equipment company)
- Panasonic
- APA International
- Decimus Software, Inc.
- Babylon Expert (agency)
- The Lingoes LTD. (agency)
- Minioni LLC (agency)
- Palantir Technologies (IT)
- Inverse Media (Comic book)
- New Museum in NYC (Museum)
- Sprung Language Solutions (agency)
- ABC Language Solutions (agency)
- Fordam University
- Acclaro (agency)
- NetAgent Inc. (IT)
- Algoma University



- Onsen for all
- U.S. Journal of Academics
- Orient Expat
- Hahn Air Line, GmbH
- Kozue Aesthetic Spa
- Gray Company
- SIND USA, Inc.
- Dr. Ci-labo
- eEntry Corporation
- Ellie’s New York
- Global Players
- Cue Travel Inc.  and more…


- Kozue Aesthetic Spa  (4 color day-salon brochure and spa menu)
- DIC International, USA  (Narration of promotional CD-ROM)
- PHP Inc. (subtitle of business book, “Marketing Cafe”)
- Gatorade (iron man poster)
- Postal Service Agencies (advertisement content)
- Toshin Pack Corporation (product description)
- Bridges to Japan (corporate brochure)
- Various press releases and press kits for different clients


- Status of Food Industry and Case Studies in the United States (for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan) 
- Trend report on Beauty and Skincare Industries in NY
- Marketing Research on Skincare and Cosmetics
- Music Contests and competitions held in the U.S.
- Movement of Foreign Firms responding to NAFTA
- Media Analysis of the Daiwa Bank Crisis
- Report on Commuter Bus Lines and Express Bus Lines into the NY Area
- Report to NYC Garment District
- UK Media Research for the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
- Report on Multimedia New Business in the U.S.
- Trends and Movement of U.S. Retailers
* I also work with various translation agencies.  I work with TRADOS and MemoQ if needed.
Please contact michiko@japaneedsny.com for free quote.


- A Report on Trend and Forecast in Yoga and Fitness Industries in New York
(A 95-page report written in Japanese on behalf of ADK America)
- Market Research on Skincare and Cosmetics
- Trendy Fashion and Beauty Items in New York (for Universal Trade Corporation)
- Movement of Foreign Firms responding to NAFTA
- Media Analysis of the Daiwa Bank Crisis
- UK Media Research for the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
- Market Report on the Art Industry in New York City
- Report on New Technologies in the Molecular Biology and Microarrays Markets (for Nikon)
- Report on Beauty, Skincare, and Cosmetic Report
- Report on Chinese New Year
- Report on Times Square Countdown History
- Media report on Solar PV Market (for Panasonic)
- Rice Force Cosmetics



* Kozue Aesthetic SpaMaintained solid media relations and successfully placed spa appearances in the media such as the Daily News, the Metro Guide Channel, Town and Country, Healing Retreats and Spas, Creabeaux, Body & Soul, Timeout New York, and more.
  * Tsuchida Sanae Art ExhibitionOn behalf of Ms. Tsuchida, a Japanese artist who makes traditional Japanese dolls and dyes Kimono costumes, we entirely planned, coordinated, and oversaw her first art exhibit in the U.S.
The work includes research on the art and gallery market to select a site, coordinate staff,  promotion and public relations.
* Pyramid Lamp Collection by Shig IkedaWrote a press release and press materials to announce the collection’s appearance at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show held in March 2003 in New York City. Articles about Shig Ikeda’s lamp collection were successfully published in The New York Times and The New York Sun Newspapers.
Other public relations client includes:- R’s Eyelash Design
- Japan Block Fair
- Japan Earthquake Relief Music Concert (Harlem Choir and Pianist Rikako)
- New York Pharma Forum
- Teikoku Databank, Ltd.
- The City of Yokohama
- The City of Yokohama
- Sankyo USA Corporation


* Okato Shoji Corporation
(4-color Corporate Brochure)OKATO SHOJI Corporation, a leading brokerage firm, has been endeavoring to develop the futures industry in Japan. I helped to create their corporate brochure in English in collaboration with a designer.
* Kozue Aesthetic Spa
(4-color Salon Brochure and Spa Menu)As a creative director, I was in charge of creating the spa’s beautiful 4-color brochure by coordinating with a photographer, designer, and printer.
* DIC International (USA), Inc.
(Multi lingual CD-ROM – English, Spanish, and Portuguese)With a team of designers and voice over talent, I created DIC’s bilingual corporate DVD in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The DVD contains the basic overview of the company’s history and various services.
* Mariko Kaneda Pianist Recital
(Flyer, Poster, and Reception Invitation)I was a part of the team that coordinated this young musician’s debut concert at Carnegie Hall in NYC. I helped to create their poster and flyer and as well as organize pre- and post- cocktail parties.
* Poche Enterprise, Inc.On behalf of Poche Enterprise, Inc, who produces television and radio programs, commercial films, and a music program, I helped to clarify copy writing issues of a specific CD called “Ocean for Everyone”.


- Onsen for All
- R’s Eyelash Design
- Rice Force Cosmetics
- Body by Brooklyn Spa
- Poche Enterprise, Ltd.


- Yasuda Life Insurance, Ltd.
- SS Pharmaceutical, Ltd.
- LOTTE Co., Ltd.
- Hakugen, Ltd.
- Kozue Aesthetic Spa, and more